Top 5 Stress Management Techniques That Really Work

Top 5 Stress Management Techniques That Really Work

It is quite common to feel stressed in modern times, however, stress management is quite possible and with some proven techniques you can get rid of your stress fairly easily and quickly. So, if your boss is hard at you, you are stuck in traffic jam, or have a partner who gets overly annoying sometimes then you should try these stress management techniques.

Chew Gum

If you are under mild or moderate level stress then you can simply relieve it even by chewing a gum. It’s not just helpful in making you alert but you can even multitask.

According to a study, there was a 17% drop in anxiety levels in people under mild stress after chewing a gum. Furthermore, the level of their alertness also showed 19% increase compared to those who did not chew a gum. In addition, their effectiveness was 67% more than the rest when it came to multitasking.

A Cat Would Help

If you own a cat, your stress levels are brought down enough that you experience a 1/3rd reduction in the risk for heart attack. It was found in 10-year study conducted on 4000 Americans that pets help in relieving stress.

It has been known that anxiety and psychological stress have a relation to the cardiovascular events, especially heart attacks. In aforementioned study, it was revealed that cat owners have 30% lower risk of dying due to a heart attack as compared to those who didn’t have a cat.

Eat Chocolate

If you are looking for some really effective stress management techniques then nothing can be better than “Chocolate Cure”, as said by the Swiss scientists.

Clinical trials unveiled that eating 40 gm chocolate everyday for a couple of weeks can reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in those who were reported to feel “highly stressed”.

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants as well as some other very tasty ingredients which are known to improve metabolism as well as healthy gut bacteria.

Write Things Down In a Diary

You can avoid the build-up of stress by developing a habit of writing down whatever you feel in your diary or in the form of a poem. A neuroscientist from the University of California conducted a study in which thirty people were asked to write down descriptions of some distressing pictures. The study revealed that it reduced the activity in part of brain which deals with the stressful emotions.

Yoga Can Be Helpful

Doing yoga allows your body to go in a condition of deep rest which is called relaxation response by the yogis. Researchers are now of the view that this response has the ability of changing the way our genes tend to behave for better when we’re in stressful situations. According to them, when we relax, our oxygen intake is reduced and we exhale extra amounts of nitric oxide which leads to a drop in levels of psychological stress.

Try any of these stress management techniques and you will be able to bust that stress in a jiffy. These techniques have shown proven results and you can experience it all yourself!