How To Beat Your Sugar Cravings?

How To Beat Your Sugar Cravings?

Do you always keep looking for anything sweet be it the morning, noon or night? Is this habit of yours a major source of you being overweight? Well you should better control everything and eliminate such longings once and for all. But how? Here is how you can control your sugar cravings.

Cut Salt Intake

First thing to do is eating less salt because salty foods lead us to sugar cravings. Just remember the last time when you ate sushi or pizza with so much soy sauce – you’d have asked for some soft drink or alcohol with it. So, better control eating salty foods.

Deal With The Candida

When you are combating sugar addiction, it is good to find out has yeast candida present in the gut overgrown? It can certainly lead to strong desire of eating sweet foods.

The common signs of yeast infection, or overgrowth, include being tired, bloated or cranky, and facing skin problems and fungal infections like tinea or thrush.

It can easily be got or passed on via physical contact. It will be caused by anything which disturbs the balance of gut bacteria, like taking contraceptive pill, vomiting, stress, antibiotics, and consumption of increased amounts of sweet stuff.

Chew Mindfully

It is very important to chew mindfully and properly. Complex carbohydrates – like vegetables and fruits, nuts, whole grains and legumes and seeds – usually have sweet flavor which is released only if they are chewed thoroughly. Satisfying your sugar cravings with such foods would be much nutritionally beneficial compared to eating a donut or some lollies.

By chewing you also get help in assimilating nutrients present in the food; wolfing your meals down would mean that you miss all the goodness and are left tired, and it is likely due to the fact that you are malnourished. And it will definitely lead to sugar cravings.

Get Some Support

Some kind of sweet support may be needed when you are experiencing sugar withdrawal. You can try gymnema, which is a herb that closes taste buds which detect the sweet flavors and is helpful in balancing the levels of blood sugar, ultimately reducing those cravings. Fenugreek and ginseng can also be helpful in balancing the levels of sugar in your blood getting rid of your sugar cravings.

Look For A Replacement

Of course, you shouldn’t be guilty about your wish to have something sweet. It is just a flavor like others and has to be a part of your diet.

When you deprive of it you just lead yourself to bingeing. This is what you have to avoid. It is better for you to eat some complex sweeteners which can be a good substitute for refined ones. You can try some ingredients like maple, brown rice or raw agave syrup, raw hone as well as complex sugars like coconut palm, muscovado and rapadura sugar.

As far as chocolates are concerned, you shouldn’t necessarily avoid them. Instead go for the ones that are 70-80 percent cocoa, organic and raw. But it still has high sugar content and should be eaten sparingly.