Common Mistakes to Avoid When Grooming Your Dog

If you own a dog, you know how important it is to maintain a proper diet, exercise, and grooming, as this determines their attractiveness and their overall health.  

Especially grooming. Grooming is a very special routine that you need to do regularly and faithfully if you want your dog to look cute, clean, and healthy. it helps your dog get rid of the excess hair that improves their coat. This will also bring out their natural oil that will improve their overall appearance. There are several ways on how to do grooming, you can either hire a professional pet pampering Ann Arbor or do it yourself by simply bathing and prepping your dog. Either way, proper grooming has many benefits and that includes keeping away ticks as well as preventing so much shredding on your floor.  

If you are used to doing grooming your own, you need to read this. There are common mistakes that pet owners usually do during grooming.  

1.Not being consistent – grooming is a maintenance and this means that it needs to be done regularly. One of the common misconceptions about grooming is that you only need to do it when it is necessary or when your pet’s coat has become so stiff and starts to shredding often. It is very important to keep it regularly since it will affect your dog’s overall health as well as their appearance. Going out for grooming will also improve their interaction and trust with other humans. In-depth grooming needs to be regularly maintained.  

2.Using too much soap during bath time – there are always those instances where our dog would get muddy at the end of the fun outdoor activity and the only thing we can think of as a solution is bath time. And this is what most pet owners think: the more the shampoo, the better. The truth is more on the contrary. Too much soap is not dog friendly as this might cause some buildup of soap residue in their coat which leads to different problems. The amount of soap you need to put needs to be determined by the coat’s type and fur’s size of the dog. And generally, you need to use less soap.  

3.Not having the right grooming tools – dogs have different fur and coat type and unfortunately, brushes and tools are not a one-size-fits-all thing. You will need to have different type of brushes as well as soap and other things like nail clipping and ear cleaning tools. Not having the right tools will lead to inefficient cleaning and grooming. This is why your dog needs professional grooming several times in a year to make sure they are cleaned and groomed well.  

4.Clipping the nails too close – nails are there for a reason and this is to protect your dog’s paws. Also, not knowing how to do proper nail cutting will also harm your dog. So, we recommend you to ask for a professional service to ensure that your dog is safe.  

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